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    Welcome to the Montego Bay Cultural Centre !


    Tuesday – Sunday

    9 AM – 5 PM

    The Freedom Monument, Montego Bay St. James

    Historic Sam Sharpe Square

    In 1976 Charles Square in Montego Bay was renamed Sam Sharpe Square in honour of National Hero Sam Sharpe who was from Montego Bay. Sharpe was executed in the Montego Bay Market Place on May 23, 1832 for his role in the 1831-32 Emancipation War. The Square includes several heritage structures: the Sam Sharpe Monument, the Cage, the Montego Bay Cultural Centre and the Freedom Monument .

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    Welcome to the Montego Bay Cultural Centre Website!


    It is a great pleasure of mine to greet you through this medium, and to also welcome you to the Montego Bay Cultural Centre website.

    We have a very strong culture here in Jamaica. It is quite potent in its spread as it permeates national borders, infusing others with an essence that is so Jamaican that they often try to reflect us. Indeed, our way of life fuses into all we do and to a large part, determines how we interact socially, how we do business and educate our population.

    Our way of life also pervades and impacts our works and expressions of art. And, while we acknowledge that we do have a rich and appealing culture, we must seek to hold on to our possessions, and showcase them in a proud manner. Supporting our heritage is integral to our continuity; I therefore am pleased to see the impact the Montego Bay Cultural Centre has had on our city.

    The Montego Bay Cultural Centre helps us to secure and exhibit works that reflect our people and the world. We must ourselves, be proponents for the spreading of high quality Jamaican culture, and this space which houses National Gallery West and National Museum West helps us to achieve such a feat.

    We must ensure that spaces exist for cultural expression and that our heritage is protected and our monuments, secured. Indeed, everyone must share the understanding that as much as we possess, we must protect.


    Thank you!

    His Worship Mayor Homer Davis

    Mayor of Montego Bay



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