Coming up – Xaymaca: Nature and the Landscape in Jamaican Art

Our next exhibition, Xaymaca: Nature and the Landscape in Jamaican Art is scheduled to open in mid May. The exhibition will feature work from our permanent collection, from the colonial period to the late 20th century, including a photographic selection.

Albert Huie – View of Montego Bay from the Fort (1965), A.D. Scott Collection, NGJ

The exhibition celebrates the spectacular natural beauty of Jamaica but also acknowledges how nature and the land carry the baggage of history and geo-politics, as is perhaps best illustrated by Colin Garland’s In the Beautiful Caribbean (1974), which takes centre stage in this exhibition. Some of the other artists in this exhibition are: George Robertson, J.B. Kidd, A. Duperly and Sons, Herbert Hood-Daniel, Edna Manley, Albert Huie, Michael Lester, Kapo and Everald Brown.
George Robertson – Rio Cobre (1773), Collection: NGJ