The Montego Bay Cultural Centre  –  A little about us……


The Montego Bay Cultural Centre, registered as the Montego Bay Arts Council Ltd, is a certified Visitor Attraction Site. It is governed by a Board whose Chairman is Mr. Josef Forstmayr. Board membership represents a wide cross section of Government, Tourism and Business stakeholders. The Montego Bay Cultural Centre, dedicated to the retention of Jamaica’s rich history, the promotion and development of its artistic treasures, was the brain-child of Senator Noel Sloley, Lloyd B. Smith and His Worship Councillor Glendon Harris. This vision became a reality through the support of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF).

The Montego Bay Cultural Centre opened its doors on July 11 2014 on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding forged between the St James Parish Council and the Montego Bay Arts Council Ltd., which set the legal and administrative foundation of this Centre of Culture. The Montego Bay Cultural Centre now houses the National Gallery West, an extension of National Gallery of Jamaica, National Museum West featuring a ‘permanent’ Museum of History complete with ancient artifacts and a ‘revolving’ Museum which currently features the exhibition on RASTAFARI.  The Freedom Monument located in the rear cobblestone area of the Centre chronicles the names of the slaves who were harshly sentenced for their participation in the ‘Christmas Rebellion’. National Hero, The Rt. Excellent ‘Daddy’ Sam Sharpe was hanged on the front cobblestone of the Montego Bay Cultural Centre for his leadership of this rebellion..

The Montego Bay Cultural Centre partners with many social service organizations and importantly places a special emphasis on access by students of educational institutions.