Historical Resource Corner

Traditional Jamaican Dishes


Here are some of the most delicious Jamaican foods on the island… Rice and peas and chicken, jerk chicken, curry chicken, Ackee and Salt fish and dumplings, meat patties, escovitched fish, callaloo, peas soup, oxtail, cowfoot, “run-dung”,…and more… Rice and Peas and Chicken This one is at the top of the list of our island Read More

Traditional Jamaican Dances


Quadrille This is a ballroom set dance, which originated in the courts of Europe and was danced in Jamaica by the gentry during slavery. There are two styles – the Ballroom and the Camp Style – the former European, the latter the Creolised version. Mento Bands accompany these dances playing a variety of traditional European Read More

Sam Sharpe Square


In 1976 Charles Square in Montego Bay was renamed Sam Sharpe Square in honour of national hero Sam Sharpe who was from Montego Bay. Sharpe was executed in the Montego Bay Market Place on May 23, 1832 for his role in the 1831-32 Emancipation War. The Square includes several heritage structures: the Sam Sharpe Monument, Read More