Beautiful Space!

I visited the centre recently and was blown away by the friendly, helpful staff, especially the young lady at the front and the curators of the museum and gallery. The building is GORGEOUS and there is a feeling that comes over your when you enter , like the ancestors' spirits sill roam the halls. It was an amazing experience. I hope to visit again soon!

Barbara Brown

One love

Thank again so much for accommodating us at the National Museum West. Let me on behalf of the Tour Guiding group again commend and congratulate you and Monique Gilpin for such a wonderful tour. Your tour delivery was indeed engaging and informative and even those that admitted their previous aversion to some aspects of our history admitted that the information shared helped them to realise how important it is to learn about the painful experiences of our ancestors and use this as a motivation to create positive changes in the creation of a better society. Monique’s tour was indeed superb!! Her extensive knowledge of art really allowed us to appreciate and understanding art a whole lot better. Some of the participants commented that as a result of the tour, they are also now better able to interpret artwork. Thanks much again ladies and do continue to keep up the good work.
Lorna Newsome,

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